Mythological Jesus

Under cosntruction

Overview of my arguments against Jesus Myth idea.New

Jesus Mytherism is a symptom of one-dimentional manNew

Two Arguments that Kill the Jesus Myth TheoryNew

Jesus Christ Copy Cat Savior?New
page 2 copy cat savior
Page 3 copy cat

Earl Doherty's Jesus Puzzle part 1...New
Jesus Puzzle 2
Jesus Puzzle 3

Richard Carrier's Standard of Historical Proof
Examining his attempt to use Bayes to bolster
Jesus myth theory.

Richard Carrier's Arguments on Acts as Historical Fiction:
The allogation that Luke copied Joesephus and that Luke
was not a good historian.

Albert Schweitzer, Bruno Bauer, and the Early Jesus Myth Movement.New
Bauer was one of the first Jesus mythers who Schweitzer debunked,, although Schweitzer admired his brilliance.

Answering The Philo Argument*NEW*
the argument that says if Jesus existed Philo would have
talked about him,