Mythological Jesus

Under cosntruction

Overview of my arguments against Jesus Myth idea.New

Two Arguments that Kill the Jesus Myth TheoryNew

Jesus Christ Copy Cat Savior?New
page 2 copy cat savior
Page 3 copy cat

Earl Doherty's Jesus Puzzle part 1...New
Jesus Puzzle 2
Jesus Puzzle 3

Richard Carrier's Standard of Historical Proof
Examining his attempt to use Bayes to bolster
Jesus myth theory.

Richard Carrier's Arguments on Acts as Historical Fiction:
The allogation that Luke copied Joesephus and that Luke
was not a good historian.

Albert Schweitzer, Bruno Bauer, and the Early Jesus Myth Movement.New
Bauer was one of the first Jesus mythers who Schweitzer debunked,, although Schweitzer admired his brilliance.