The Historical Jesus

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(don't forget to cross reference with Gospel pages)

Prologomina To Any Future Discussion of Jesus' Historicity.
Discussion of the criteria to be used for discussion of Historical Jesus.

My Debate With Bradly Bowen on Historicity of Jesus*NEW*
Bowen is an atheist philosopher posts on the secular outpost blog.
This  debate was held over two different blogs over several months. Several posts
very long. I think I demonstrate the historical trustworthiness of Papias and Josepjus
the historical Jesus.

Richard Carrier's Standard of Historical Proof
Carrier's startegy of using Bayes theroum for Jesus Myth
theory is examined. This really more of a cirticism of his
publisher. It's cross referenced in Mythological section.

Arguments for Historicity of Jesus

The web of Jesus' HistoricityNew

No Alternate Versions of the Jesus Story.New
Myth always proliferates, that there is only one version of the Jesus story is a good indication that it was known by all to be true.

Historical NT figures and early church writers with historical links to flesh and blood Jesus living in history: Paul met several Apostles, Philip was part of the infant church and knew all the Apostles and Jesus. Clement knew Paul and Peter, Papias and Polycarp studied together with John.
*Clement of Rome

Secular and Jewish Historians.

Page 2, Page 3 (the James passage)*New!*
Peter Kirby's Straw Man:Josehus *New!*
*Thallas New
*Phlegon New

*Talmud (part 1)
,.....( part 2: Answering Peter Kirby)*NEW*


 Nazareth Inhabited in Jesus' Day part 1
 An oft repeated Myther argument is that Nazareth was not
inhabited in Jesus' day, thus Jesus could not have lived there.
Jesus' town was inhabited at the time in which he lived and
a wealth of archeological excavation proves this.

part 2New
I go through Humphrey's site and show that his arguments against Pfann don't work,

Nazareth Question Heats up.
This was done in 2012 while the previous was done in 2010. More
info on the same issue.

Answering the Philo Argument