Jesus Christ: Messiah

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Eastern gate to Jerusalem, also called "Messiah gate"
or "Golden gate." Messiah it is said will enter through this gate.

 Messianic Expectations of First Century Jews.
What did Jews of the first century expect Messiah to
be like?

More Messianic Expectations of First Century Jews.
Did they consider Messiah Divine?

Messianic Fulfillment Arguments

I. Jesus Story Portrayed in Major Expectations of Messiah
If we examine the major expectations for Messiah we see the Jesus
story told in the expectations, where he's born, wht he does, what
happens to him how he died.

II. The Name of the Branch
Prophesies in Zachariah show that Messiah's name was to be "Jesus."
This is very obscure stuff, hardly anyone else has seen this but is easily
proved with the help of Alfred Edersehim.

III. Jesus fulfills Isaiah 53
Isaiah 53 sub-menu

Jesus fits the pciture of the SS of I53 better than anyone, therefore
he is the best candidate to be Messiah.

Answering Objections:

Curse on Jesus Line?
The argument is made that Jesus decends form
Jahoachine, last kind of Judah, his line was cursed
by God and he was told his seed would never sit on
the Throne. Does this negate Jesus as Messiah?

Was Jesus Eligible  to Inherit the Throne?
Problem of iheriting throne through adopition, thorugh
the mother's side.

Messiah is only to come at the end of Times
Answering the argument taht Jesus could not be
Messiah because Messiah only comes at the end times.