General Page on Gospels

Analysis of Gospels in general, both canonical and non canonical.

Trend toward earlier Dates for the Gospels
In Recent years moer and more liberal scholars are
giving easlier dates to the canoical gospels. It is not longer 
considered the case that AD 70 marks the earliest date of 
Gospel composition.  

The Gospel Behind the Gospels
The concept of a pre Mark redaction that was written 
before the Gospel of Mark, from which Mark and all the canonicals drew.
this is not the Q source. It was probably circualting as early as 
50-55 AD.  
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Community as Author

The notion that no one single individual wrote the 
Gospels, but they are  products of whole communities.
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(fn on oral tradition)

Eight Levels of Verification (of Gospels)

The idea that there are eight different general sources which
provide verifiation of the general story line of the four canonical gospels.
these include non canonical Gospels, Pauline Corpus and other sources.

Historical Validity of Canonical Gospels
Evidence supporting the levels of verification
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