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Annibale Carracci, . 1560-1609 ("Holy Women At Christ's Tomb"Bologna school, Italy.

The Resurrection of Christ: Historical or History Making.
Answering the issues of naturism in hsitory. Historians say we must assume naturalism
this would rule out miracles as a historical category.thus we can't argue the historical
validity of miracles. Yet theologian Jurgen Motlmann answers this arguemnt in his Theology
Of Hope (1964). Using this as a basis I argue that we can us the Gospel accounts as
historical artifacts to rationally warrant belief. .

Story of empty tomb dated to mid first century
Written accounts of story with empty tomb began to circulate as early as mid
first century, just 20 years after the actual events. This means no time for myth
to develop, plenty of eye witnesses around, and not much time for oral tradition
to become altered.

Real Contradiction In Resurrection Accounts?*NEW*
Discrepancy between Jesus' insturctions to meet him in Galilee after resurrection, and
Luke's Jerusalem sightings, the problem is in timing, but is it a real problem?

Historicity of The Women at the Tomb*New*
Form Criticism taught us to view New Testament as folklore and all the
People in it as fictional. Modern Scholarship outgrowing this nonsense
and is coming to distinguish historical characters in the texts. The Women
at the tomb were real people.

Answering Bradly Bowen: Jesus Did Die on The CrossNew

Blood and Water: Refuting Bowen's Swoon Theory" with exchange between Bowen and myself NEW

Further Response to Bowen on "Blood and Water" New
(in response to Bowen's insulting post, Metacrock's blog 9/8/19)

Did Mark Invent the Story of the Empty Tomb?

 The works of Ray Brown and Helmutt Koester and others prove story of empty tomb was
in circulation before the Gospel of Mark existed.

Resurrection Accounts, Transmitted Faithfully From the Beginning.
General arguments on the reliable transmitting of the early Gospel events.

Refuting The No-Tomb Theory.
The theory that since most crucifixion victims weren't buried, Jesus wasn't buried and the empty tomb is just a myth.

Refuting The No Body Theory.New
The "no Body" theory comes in two versions: (1) that Jesus was an historical figure, but his resurrection was non-bodily; he didn't leave an empty tomb but just appeared to people as a spirit; (2) or that he never existed, and in fact Paul didn't really believe that he was a real a flesh and blood person, but merely a mythological figure or ethereal personage; the object of worship of a mystery cult.

Have Tomb, Will Argue
There's a Good chance we do know where the Tomb is, under the chruch of the holy seplechur.

Have Tomb..part 2

Have Guards,Will Argue *NEW*

Why I don't Buy Richard Carrier's article 'why I don't buy the resurrection.' Photobucket

Harmony of Resurrection accounts part 1

Part 2...
part 3
The differences in resurrection acounts, number of women, who saw what'
first, number of angels, all harmonized to demonstae a single coherent story
lines underneath the different versions.